Statistical Support Print

PDM Associates can deliver independent statistical support and analysis to your business

Through the services of a highly experienced and qualified statistician, PDM Associates can help decision-making, interpret field trials results, including sophisticated modeling techniques if required, and also offer guidance in design and analysis of core trial-work and projects to ensure the best utilization of resources in your company.

Current projects include a customized Field Trial Statistical Handbook for Trials Officers, SOP’s for layout and analysis of field trials, and also training in statistical interpretation and data analysis for scientific and field staff. A ‘short course’ is available to give basic grounding or re-education in the application of statistical design and analysis to agricultural field trials.


‘A Statistical Handbook for Field Trials Specialists’ by Gerard de Kerchove

A handy A5-sized ring-bound book which can sit easily on your desktop and contains a brief guide to the purpose of the statistics which we use in field trials, explanations of the possibilities for more precise and better-planned experiments using the statistics which are part of ARM software. With actual examples from ARM print-outs, the handbook covers the various means tests in ARM, results from ANOVA’s and their interpretation and provides a ‘how to do’ guide for some of the more complex procedures which ARM can accomplish, such as the AUDPC (Area Under Disease Pressure Curve) and the Dose-Response analysis. Over 400 copies of this guide have been sold and it is available by post from PDM Associates at £13.50 plus postage and packing. Send an e-mail to order your copy now!